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Support of Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Whether you intend to proceed with Innoware support after the Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation is completed, or just want a quality and competitively priced support services, we can help.
To satisfy your company support needs we offer:
Support of Microsoft Dynamics 365 , photo

Experienced consultants

we possess over 18 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics

Support of Microsoft Dynamics 365 , photo

Attractive prices

from 33 euro per hour

Support of Microsoft Dynamics 365 , photo

Free trial

solving 1-2 support tickets (up to 20 man-hours both)

Support of Microsoft Dynamics 365 , photo

Insignificant time difference

we work same hours as you

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Fast reaction

we handle all support requests individually and according to the priorities set

Support of Microsoft Dynamics 365 , photo

Physical availability

about 2 hours by plane to any European location

Microsoft Dynamics 365 reliable support (ERP & CRM systems)

We can provide you with ongoing support of your ERP and CRM systems – Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Business Central / Finance and Operations) – by means of an online issue tracking system. It will take only 1 minute of your staff to switch to our support or use it from time to time. There are various options available and we can customize support services scheme to meet your specific requirements. We implement a unique and flexible approach to client needs.

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Microsoft Dynamics support services from Innoware include:

  • Problem Management – Committed assistance to end-users to overcome problems and complete tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Errors Correction – Problem resolution and error correction to uncover underlying workflow issues and develop comprehensive solutions.
  • Change Requests – Facilitation of functional changes aligned with current and new business requirements to maximize potential.
  • Service Satisfaction – Simplify time-consuming and repetitive tasks, including imports/exports, user administration and version management.

Innoware office is situated in the heart of Europe – Kyiv, Ukraine. Thus, we are only 2-3 hours away from you in case you need our consultant’s physical presence at your office.

What makes key difference of Innoware support?

Innoware consultants have financial, accounting and business backgrounds together with ground experience of comprehensive ERP and CRM projects implementation and support. This enables us to understand not only the issues you encounter but also their connotation.
Innoware efforts are focused on quality services, provision with acceptable rates and orientation to issues solving.

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