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Microsoft Azure — cloud platform for your business

Microsoft Azure is a flexible cloud based platform that allows you to use and manage different applications (from simple office products to sophisticated corporate ERP-systems), services, virtual machines, databases.

Microsoft Azure stores data in secure data centers in 26 regions of the world, including EU countries. Azure data centers meet the requirements of the EU Data Protection and the international standard ISO 27018.

Access is simple, you need only a PC with Internet access to work with the resources and applications that are in Microsoft Azure. Furthermore, the deployment of servers and services in the cloud takes hours. Therefore, changes in capacity or relocation to a new location can be handled seamlessly without adversely impacting the company. There is no down-time.


Microsoft Azure
  • Access to applications wherever and whenever you want
  • Can be used on mobile devices
  • Access to the latest technologies with minimal risk
  • Improved safety of confidential data storage
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • IT infrastructure maintenance cost optimization
  • Flexible capacity settings of used Azure resources
  • Payment for actually used resources
  • Space and resources economy (in comparison with the acquisition of servers)
  • Guaranteed availability of Microsoft Azure services up to 99.95%

Functionality Microsoft Azure

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