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Retail and hospitality

LS Retail offers numerous vertical solutions for retail industry based on Microsoft Dynamics platform. These solutions support centrally managed retail business of any kind and scale - «food» and «non-food», restaurants of quick and full service, forecourts etc. both for one store or a chain.

The solution covers all retail business processes from POS operations to replenishment, bookkeeping and tax accounting and also provides comprehensive analysis of the activities.

Intelligence supply management and forecasting, including seasonality, historical data etc. helps improve customer service and maximize sales. Assortment management helps manage prices and goods placed in a specific store, region and so on.

The system centrally processes accurate and up-to-date information about the situation both in a specific store and in the whole chain while responding quickly to the changing business environment.

Solution LS Nav has been recognized by leading global companies such as IKEA, Hard Rock Café, Radisson Blu, Nike, Victoria's Secret, Adidas, Puma, Caudalie and others.


  • Specialized solution for retail, restaurants and forecourt
  • Flexible and scalable solution
  • Optimization of costs and inventory
  • Integration with the in-store equipment
  • Multifunctional sales stimulation system
  • Developed on Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform
  • Mobile friendly
  • Ready for the cloud


Solution for retail business

LS Nav is designed for centralized management of any retail business - supermarkets, apparel and fashion, electronics, cosmetics, jewelry, pet stores, duty free etc.

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Solution for restaurant and hotel management

LS Nav Hospitality is a centralized management solution for a single restaurant or restaurant chain recognized by leading global companies such as Subway, PizzaHut, Hard Rock Cafe, KFC and others.

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Solution for forecourt business

LS Forecourt – is a specialized solution for gas stations developed by LS Retail. LS Forecourt will enable you to manage your forecourt business efficiently, and pain-free - from the sale of fuel and related products to inventory control...

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