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Flexibility & adaptability are the new reality of modern business management in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

May 12, 2020

The modern economic situation requires from enterprises the ability to quickly transform and adapt to new market realities, and this is impossible without the use of the latest management tools and the transfer of business to the digital environment.

Companies that invested in modern technology on time were better prepared to work in a rapidly changing market environment. The use of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (ERP, CRM, HR) allows enterprises to be more flexible and resistant to market challenges, ensures the integration of all processes in a single environment, transparency of the operational cycle and, as a result, enables Top managers, in real time, make management decisions promptly based on quality data.

In this difficult period for the entire world community, Microsoft announces the release critical updates for the Мicrosoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations) application, which includes all processes related to product lifecycle management: from sales and procurement to inventory management, production, warehouse and transport logistics.

In April 2020, updates to Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management for integrating fixed assets with the asset lifecycle became available, additional tools appeared for production planning, warehouse management and transportation logistics. In May it is planned to release several Internet of Things (IoT) updates to manage pending production orders, manage equipment shutdown scenarios and manage quality anomalies.

To learn more about the updates planned for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management - you can follow the link