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Digital transformation of HR processes with Dynamics 365 Human Resources

June 2, 2020

Today, the world is changing so quickly that even large corporations that focus on the latest technology can hardly adapt to the new business environment. One and a half billion people who, due to the current situation, are forced to work remotely – a vivid confirmation of this, and this figure continues to grow at lightning speed.

The principle of work, and the workplace itself, have changed radically over the past six months. Today, there no company can which don't use cloud technologies. The transition to remote work makes staff more flexible and loyal, gives a sense of security and confidence in the future. For its part, the employer should have effective tools to monitor and evaluate the work of employees, analyze the situation and make timely decisions related to staff.

Digitalization of HR processes is a new global trend in the modern world. Tools to optimize HR-processes have long been used by most enterprises and are not something innovative. Today, complex software solutions come to the forefront, offering the introduction of fundamentally new approaches and technologies for managing people that allow us to consider human resource management through the prism of the influence of each employee on profit growth and company capitalization.

Such a modern, innovative product is a cloud application – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources (Dynamics 365 for Talent). This solution allows you to completely transform the business processes of the HR department, helps to change the approach to hiring staff and talent management, expands the possibilities of collaboration and development of remote teams, improves communication and internal communication, makes the data on recruiting, allows to build a corporate culture, taking into account regional and national characteristics of the corporation divisions.

Innoware specialists will help your company implement the Dynamics 365 Human Resources, will train your specialists to work in the system and will provide the support of the implemented solution if necessary.